The National Education Policy (NEP 2020)

The National Education Policy (NEP 2020)

The National Education Policy (NEP 2020)

The educational scenario of the 21st century is undergoing dynamic transformation regarding methods, content and pedagogy of learning. The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) outlines the vision of India’s new education system. The policy is a comprehensive framework to transform India’s education system by providing high-quality education to all. So they must undergo 50 hours of CPD opportunities every year.


The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) FOCUSES ON:

  • Recognizing, identifying and fostering the unique capabilities of each student, by sensitizing teachers as well as parents to promote each student’s holistic development.
  • Life Skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork and resilience.
  • Teachers and faculty as the heart of the learning process – their recruitment, Continuous Professional Development(CPD), Positive working environments and Service conditions.



Education is a pedagogical rotation without an end. Continuing education helps career conscious individuals to nurture their skills and become more professional with their jobs. Therefore the education administrators should take the initiative to give their students the best learning opportunity; and also to be more accomplished throughout various other aspects of their job by training their teachers.



  • Teachers’ training gives the opportunity to be more established and befitting with Knowledge and experience by keeping up with the new trends and techniques that are necessary for teachers in their entire career advancement.
  • The training helps the teachers, educators in adopting innovative teaching techniques to better suit the individual students ‘ need.
  • Professional development for teachers enables them to sharpen their skills of time management and organization in a better way. This increases their efficiency and gives them extra time to focus on the improvement of students.
  • Professional development for teachers corroborates that teachers must be able to answer every query raised by a student. This allows teachers to diversify their knowledge base in all the possible areas of the subject.

In conclusion, National Education Policy or NEP 2020 has made  50hrs of CPD  compulsory that would help ‘teaching ’ to emerge as an attractive profession of choice for bright and talented young minds. It reforms to empower teachers and restore the high respect and status to this profession hoping that it would eventually attract the best minds and talent. In Addition School, Principals too must undergo CPD in modules related to leadership, school management and implementing competency-based learning. Teacher empowerment means investing in teachers with the right to participate in determining school goals and policies and to exercise professional judgement about what and how to teach.

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