Changing Perspectives on English Teaching



In the age of globalisation, English has earned the status of International Language. The focus of discussion is on the changing perspective of teaching English in India. The teaching of English in India began as one of the components of the Three Language Formula. In the post -independent Indian Education system the Primary and the Secondary Education system consider English, a second Language. The Higher Education is pre-dominantly English medium thus is set in the multi-lingual context of India. The status of English is second language in India.


At present , there is a gap between the teacher education and the reality in the classroom. The objective in teaching English at under graduate or post graduate levels, seems to be appreciation of literature. Which in no way equips a teacher to teach the Language based on the needs of a learner. Insufficient training and education in the aspect of language make him/her nervous of studying a language topic.

Therefore to make English learning more relevant to the needs of the learners, aspiring and working teachers; keeping with the demands of the age of Information, Communication and Technology, few short term courses like TEFL/TESOL , English as a Medium of Instruction for Academics are offered by ILCA.

  • TEFL is the acronym of Teaching English as a foreign Language
  • TESOL is the acronym of Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Language


As the demand for Learning English has grown big time therefore the requirement of quality EFL teacher is insatiable all across the globe. TEFL is the new door of opportunity among all the globe careers available. It will educate you with all the important factors related to teaching English as a Foreign Language and you will get immediate global access with a new career.


In Conclusion English is the universally accepted language and having a firm grip in the classroom language will enable the teacher to convey the lessons in an appropriate way therefore to have this potential in you the tailor made course English as a Medium of Instruction for Academics is the correct option for you.

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