A Confident Teacher

A Confident Teacher

A Confident Teacher

In a confident teacher, Confidence in teaching comes when a teacher is well prepared and can take necessary actions to manage and resolve problems of the students in the classroom. As you enter a teaching career, you may sense a feeling of uncertainty and nervousness, but as you put your learnt knowledge and skills forward; your confidence will grow automatically and you can experience success.

How can you become a confident teacher?

  • Plan assignments that coincide with the courses. Try to understand the topic better; you will be more confident in facilitating and presenting it.
  • Always have a backup plan for students in case the lesson doesn’t long.
  • Make a discipline plan for your classroom and put it in the classroom. Execute the discipline plan consistently and fairly.
  • To become organized, you need to learn how to not be flustered in difficult situations.
  • Learn to speak in a confident tone.
  • You should learn to address any problem which arises. One should not delay resolving any issue.
  • When you focus on your students, you will gain more confidence. If you want your students to get the best from you, your attention needs to be completely on them.


The personality of a Confident Teacher:

Another important thing is ‘to feel and act confident even if you aren’t actually feeling it.

The first thing that our students receive is the attitude and confidence that we wear on our body, even before we speak anything. So try to be comfortable with classroom situations, interacting with the students and show your full confidence.

Positive behaviour and affirmations will replace your negative thoughts which will program your mind accordingly.


Confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in a single class. It takes time.

A confident teacher should never undermine or underestimate themselves. Believing in yourself and your skills builds up confidence. It starts inside our minds. Whenever you start imagining yourself having a great class, the students participating actively and happily, it will become a reality.

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