The Innovative Teacher

The Innovative Teacher

The Innovative Teacher


Taking into account, the transitional phase of the education industry and the innovative teaching practices adopted by the educators.


It is proved that a teacher’s role today is quite multifaceted in incorporating innovative teaching practices in comparison to how it used to be in the past few years.

For example, earlier the program of study and teaching methods were standardized and the teaching tools were uniform for all.

However, with the changing need of the hour and integration of technology in the curriculum; the options for teachers to be innovative and creative have increased leaps and bounds.

Now, a 21st Century teacher’s role has transformed which not only requires them to teach students their regular subject matter; but also relate that subject matter with real life in such a manner that is easy for the learner to grasp and remember the concept. An innovative teacher also evaluates students, counsels them by providing suggestions for improvement, and collaborate with other teachers to develop innovative teaching methods.

In other words, teachers are constantly required to show innovation in their teaching techniques. But how? At Inter Language and Career Academy (ILCA) we help to accentuate the skills of new age teachers with our different teacher’s training courses; to cater to all the levels of academia. Our Pre-Primary and Primary Teacher’s Training Course and Integrated Teacher’s Development Program are directed towards enhancing the innovative teaching strategies for individuals who want to make a career in this noble profession.

Now let us look into some qualities of the innovative teacher :

  1. Active and Attentive Listener: When you are a teacher you should always cultivate the quality of active listening; this is because you are constantly interacting with students, other teachers, and even parents at times. Being educators when we are good listeners; we can inculcate this habit within our students as well which also helps in shaping them into empathetic individuals.
  2. Personal Connection: The most important facet of being an innovative teacher is to be able to establish that personal connection with your students and the trends in your profession. In the absence of which; you won’t be able to rightly track the effectiveness of your lectures; or find innovative ways of teaching the course material. When the educator is self-motivated it also helps the students to be creative and has innovative minds.
  3. Design captivating lesson plans and models: An innovative teacher always looks for interactive and fun ways/models of teaching; to increase their students’ attentiveness to learn—thereby exercising good classroom management skills. Using an innovative approach to the subject matter can make a world of a difference to the learnersFor instance, Here at ILCA, we would train the teachers on the concept of flipped classrooms, where the learners would be required to see an online lecture as homework and then participate in a Q&A session in class.

Such concepts creates space for open discussions; while letting teachers develop a stronger student engagement fostering their creative and critical thinking skills.

“Imagine yourself as a facilitator of learning by continuing to be a lifelong learner yourself’’.

Join ILCA, and upscale your career and be self-inspired by the latest teaching methods and trends.

After all, upscaling yourself will help you upscale your students.

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