Digital Literacy For Teachers

Digital Literacy For Teachers



The meaning of “digital literacy” has shifted over the years. Divulging education online isn’t new. The world is undergoing rapid change digitally, for almost a decade, and it is emphasized in all sectors. The education sector is also revamped in light of the new-found knowledge. Online teaching has become a normal phenomenon. Teachers also tend to become more innovative and put in extra efforts to create interactive classes.

Teachers are vested with the responsibility of all-around development of students. Therefore they must keep themselves updated from time to time. Many urban schools have brought in digital technology to be used regularly for the delivery of the lessons. Smart & interactive classes with various education apps have been installed to make learning more fun and easy. The teachers are also updating themselves in using digital media to prepare lessons, worksheets, and even question papers and mark sheets.


Importance of Digital Literacy for Development of Teachers:

  • Digital literacy Emphasises the importance of critical thinking.
  • It uses social media for learning and collaborating.
  • Digital Literacy promotes the proper use of information from the digital platform.
  • It promotes a Smart and interactive learning process.
  • Digitally literate teachers can give crucial suggestions to education-based technology developers on pedagogical practices or specific subjects.
  • Digitally educated teachers can even share their expertise with their peers, thus upgrading the teaching standards.


The more digitally literate our teachers are, the more they’ll utilize these skills in the classroom. This will in turn foster a strong sense of digital citizenship in students. Mastering digital Literacy results in a good digital citizen who applies appropriate and responsible use of the internet and technology. As teachers use digital literacy for their lessons, they can collaborate with peers to share technology and work toward improving learning outcomes for their students. Digitally literate teachers can offer important pedagogical and practical insights in developing learning technology. They help students use critical thinking skills to evaluate the quality of digital sources and information, which in turn helps students communicate better.

Why is Digital Literacy Important for students?

  • Digital literacy plays a vital role in defining a child’s ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives. This is an inherent aspect of 21st-century education, which is the spine of our educational pedagogy.
  • Digital literacy is crucial for helping students become lifelong learners. It teaches them essential life skills as well as academic skills.
  • Digital literacy helps to build a good Digital citizen who is aware of computers, the Internet and other digital devices
  • Digital literacy teaches technology usage, and teaching digital citizenship is essential to helping students achieve and understand digital literacy, digital responsibility, digital health and wellness.

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